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T. Dalton, Principal Metallurgist, TCR Arabia - PP Simtech (UK)
Mr Dalton has nearly 30 years experience covering Failure investigations and Damage Mechanisms (DMs) assessment of all types of static and rotating equipment items in both new and aging plants.

Such work has been related to mechanical, thinning, metallurgical and cracking damage encountered on a wide range of equipment items of plants with diverse operating conditions involving many types of process chemicals and materials of construction. The equipment materials involved include carbon and low alloy steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys, copper alloys, aluminium alloys and other more exotic materials such as titanium and zirconium.

He has expert knowledge of all types of DMs applicable to equipment items of plants operating in the oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer manufacturing and power generating industries.

He is conversant with ASME, API and BS codes relevant to design, construction, welding and inspection.

Mr. Dalton has acted as an expert witness for failure analysis and root cause investigations.

He has presented papers in subject areas such as DMs and root cause analysis at international conferences and has several years of experience in delivering training of Inspection Engineers in welding technology, material damage and failure mechanisms as well as training of RBI study team members represented by various engineering disciplines.

Mr Dalton has been active in RBI for several years as an RBI Specialist Engineer for the facilitation of RBI team studies or as an RBI study team member for the provision of specialist expertise as a Metallurgist / Corrosion Engineer in the identification of active and potential DMs including provision of proactive support to the RBI team in the assessment of associated DMs risks and RBI inspection intervals including RBI operating limits.

Having an extensive materials technology and root cause failure analysis background and working in a multi-discipline team environment over several years with RBI Engineers, plant Inspection Engineers, plant Operations Engineers, plant Process Engineers & Chemists, Design Engineers & NDT Specialists, has enhanced his overall knowledge and understanding of change effects on plant operational and maintenance activities and their influence on various DMs & their damage rates and equipment inspection intervals, as well as the required interaction between these disciplines.

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