TCR Arabia - NDT and Material Testing Services in Saudi Arabia
NDT and Material Testing per ASTM API and NACE in Saudi Arabia
Material Testing Laboratory (Destructive Testing) in Saudi Arabia: Mechanical and Chemical Analysis
TCR Arabia’s ability to provide value to our metal testing customers is based on organizing multiple talents into a focused set of technological capabilities. TCR provides several testing services, but, no matter which discipline you choose, one thing is certain. When you send a sample to TCR, you can have confidence in the results, because you are working with a company that has a reputation for being meticulous.

Mechanical Testing
TCR Arabia has a comprehensive range of Mechanical Testing services with a dedicated machine shop to assist in sample preparation.

The Mechanical Testing Facility at TCR Arabia conducts tensile tests for understanding the strength characteristics of a material and provides precise determination of Proof Stress by the attachment of various electronic controls and extensometers. Testing temperatures range from 50°C to 850°C and beyond for particularly high temperature applications. The Mechanical Testing department at TCR performs a range of Impact tests, including Izod and Charpy testing from 100°C to -196°C.

TCR is well equipped to determine mechanical properties of materials and solve a wide variety of technical problems for industry. Mechanical Testing Facilities available at TCR Arabia include:

Universal Testing Machine of Capacity 100 T with Electronic Extensometer
Charpy Izod Impact Tester
Brinell / Vickers Hardness Tester and Rockwell Hardness Tester
Rockwell Superficial Hardness Tester, Micro Hardness Tester
Hydraulic Test Pump

Superior technology, responsive versatility, and quality performance ensures reliable and fast turnaround on all test results. A dedicated in-house sample machine shop ensures that all test samples are machined onsite. Experts in the Machine shop are capable of low stress grinding and machining sub-size specimens to very close tolerances. Professionals in the machine shop can custom design fixtures, mount specimens for metallography examinations, and custom fabricate TOFD weld blocks for NDT operators.

Equipment at the machine shop includes wire cut machine, milling and lathe machines, hacksaw, drilling machine, stress-free grinding equipment, saws, surface grinders, and other tools.

Complete List of Mechanical Testing services at TCR include:

Tensile / Transverse/Compression test
Ball Test
Bend test / Reverse bend / Rebend / Root / Face / side bend test
Flattening / Flaring Test
Re- bend test including ageing
Proof load test on Nut up to and over 40000kg
Full size breaking of bolt
Wedge load test / Head soundness test
Compression test of springs (upto 3 readings)
Tensile test for fine wires/foils
Charpy V notch Impact Test (a) R. T. as per ASTM E23, upto – 60°C and below – 60°C
Hardness test Rockwell A, B, C and Micro-Hardness
Nick Break test
Vickers hardness test
Brinell hardness test
Jominy end quench test (without normalizing heat treatment)
Sectional weight of CTD bars
Surface Characteristics of CTD Bars
Hydraulic / Pneumatic Test inclusive of sample preparation charges
Proof Load / Slip Test on fabricated items such as clamps and assemblies
Welder Qualification Tests

Chemical Analysis
An inherent strength of TCR Arabia is the ability to successfully undertake analytical chemistry assignments. At its facility in Dammam, TCR Arabia can provide complete chemical composition analysis. Some tests will be outsourced by TCR Arabia to the TCR labs in Mumbai, India.

With an ever-expanding senior staffed team of highly qualified Analytical Chemists experienced in using the full range of analytical instruments which include state-of-the-art Spectrometers and Wet Chemistry lab facilities, TCR can cater to all analytical requirements for Ferrous, Non Ferrous Metals, Ceramics, Glass, Refractory, Minerals and Ferro Alloys. The chemical department can analyze samples in all forms including drillings or turnings, solid samples and liquids.

State-of-the-art equipment available at TCR includes :
• Optical Emissions Spectrometer (OES)
• Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectrometer
• Glow Discharge spectrometer (GDS)
• Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
• Automatic Carbon Sulphur Determinators

The Classical Wet Chemistry (bench chemistry) department uses Gravimetry and Titrimetry procedures to analyze chemical composition of materials, and assists in the identification of unknown materials and gaining an understanding of their chemical composition, structure and function. Most classical wet chemical methods can accommodate comparatively small amounts of a sample in diverse shapes or forms. Fully compliant to environmental standards of India, the wet chemistry department at TCR is sought by leading companies all over the world for trace chemical analysis to very low detection levels.

The complete range of Chemical Analysis Services at TCR includes:

Chemical Analysis by Classical Wet Method
Ferrous metals (including) C, S, P, Mn, Cr, Mo, Ni
Non Ferrous
Refractory, Ceramics and Minerals
Ferro alloys (Fe-Mn, Fe-Si, Fe-Mn-Si, Fe-Mg-Si, Low C, Fe-Cr, Fe-Mo)
Non Ferrous metals (each additional element)
Elements such as Co, Al, W, Cu, Sn, Ti, Mg, V in steel
Nitrogen / Boron / Palladium (each element)
Purity of Cu
Purity of Al, Zn, Pb, Ni, Bi, Cd, Sn, Mg, W, Ti
Oxygen Analysis and Hydrogen Analysis

Chemical Analysis by Spectrometers
EDAX analysis
Complete Chemical Analysis upto 8 elements
Impurities in PPM Level using AAS or ICP

Ferro Alloys
Analysis of Main Element, Each Subsequent element

Other Tests
pH Value Determination
Sand Content (as Sio2)
Acid Insolubles
Sulphates, Chlorides, Silicates, Carbonates, Oxides of Iron per element
Elemental analysis – Ca, Mg, K, Na, Fe

Steel and Cast Iron
Determination of any one element (%C)
Determination of any one element (Mn, Si)
Determination of any one element (Ni, Cr, S, P)
Determination of C, Mn, Si, S, P
Complete analysis of Low Alloy Steel up to 8 elements including C, S, P, Si, Mn, Ni, Cr, Mo
Complete Analysis of Stainless Steel up to 8 elements
Determination of High Alloy element (Cr, Ni, Mn)
Determination of some special element  (Cu, Ti, Co, V, W, Al) per element
Complete analysis of High Speed Steel (8 elements) per element
Determination of Mo%
Determination of V%
Nitrogen in steel

Non Ferrous Material
Copper Base Alloys
Determination of any one element
Complete Analysis of 6 elements
Purity Test of Cu
Purity test of other non ferrous element

Tin, Aluminum, Lead Base
Determination of any one element
Complete Analysis of upto 8 elements
Purity Test
Only Aluminum %

Tensile Testing Machine from MTS

Impact Testing Machine

Hardness Testing Machine

Broaching Machine

Lathe Machine

Shaping Machine

Cutting Machine

Drilling Machine