TCR Arabia - NDT and Material Testing Services in Saudi Arabia
NDT and Material Testing per ASTM API and NACE in Saudi Arabia
Metallography and Microstructure Examination in Saudi Arabia
Qualified metallurgists at TCR Arabia are experts in Metallographic preparation & examination to evaluate the characteristics of metals. They can access a material’s heat treatment condition, microstructure, and forming process. The team undertakes Macro and Micro examination including Weld Examination, Case Depth and Decarburization Measurement. Micro Hardness Testing and Coating/Plating evaluation is also undertaken.

The Metallography department of TCR Arabia has the state-of-the-art Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Olympus GX51 with an Image Analysis System. The team uses the MiC 3.0 microstructure characterizer software for analysis of images to determine the micro structural degradation due to creep. The software can also calculate the graphitization, depth or width of decarburization, phase/volume percentage, grain growth, inclusion rating, particle size, volume percentage, particle count, porosity and coating thickness.

TCR Arabia can undertake also metallurgical evaluation using SEM, EDAX, XRD and TEM as well by utilizing its partner laboratory in India.

The range of services in metallography at TCR Arabia include:

  • Microstructure Examination (Routine) with two photographs
  • NDT microstructure with two photographs
  • Microstructure with Comment on Heat Treatment
  • Microstructure examination for failure related study
  • Grain size distribution chart on Image Analysis (With print out)
  • Prior austenite grain size measurement (including heat treatment charges)
  • Prior austenite grain size measurement by Mc Quid Ehn method (including carburizing)
  • Oxide-scale/Nitriding/Carburizing/Decarburizing/Coating – Measurements. (Avg. of 3 readings)
  • Grain size Measurement as per ASTM E112 with photograph
  • Linear measurement, up to 3 measurements
  • Inclusion Rating as per ASTM E45 Method A with photograph
  • Inclusion rating as per ASTM E454 with photograph
  • Color Metallography (With two Photos)
  • Delta ferrite from SS weld microstructure, Sigma phase, volume fraction by microstructure examination
  • % Nodularity, Nodule Count as per ASTM A247
  • Porosity Analysis as per ASTM 276
  • Decarbization level as per ASTM E 1077
  • Phase Distribution as per ASTM E 562 / 1245
  • Powder particle size measurement (Avg. 5 frames)
  • Coating Thickness Measurement as per ASTM B 487
  • Retained Austenite measurement with electro polish and copper deposition method
  • Micro-Hardness Testing
  • Micro hardness profile for case depth measurement (max. 10 readings)
  • Macro Etch Test (Including Photo & Comments)
  • Fractography by Stereo Microscope and SEM
  • Coating thickness by SEM
  • Microstructure Examination Test with Photographs, Grain Size Comment on Carbide Precipitation, Nitrides & Intermetallic Phases In HAZ, Parent, Weld as Per A-262, E-112 for Inclusion Rating
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement on Copper
  • Ferrite as per ASTM E562 per phase per sample
  • Intermetallic Phase (Chi, Sigma, Laves Nitrate Carbide) per phase per sample
  • Intermetallic Phases in Weld, Parent Material (PM), Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) per phase per sample
  • Microstructure test with photograph (for Sigma Phase and for Ferrite content)
  • Analysis of a given SEM Image for particle size and particle size distribution (max/min, size/frequency information) of the dispersed phase in a continuous phase matrix.
  • Delta Ferrite Measurement by Ferritscope
  • Pit Dimension Measurement
  • EDAX / EDS Analysis, XRD Analysis

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