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Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) in Saudi Arabia
TCR Arabia undertakes ACFM at offshore platforms and onshore installations in Saudi Arabia.

Alternating Current Field Measurement also referred to as ACFM is a one-pass method to inspect welds and most other materials to locate and size surface breaking cracks. TCR Arabia performs ACFM in association with its international partner. This technique replaces conventional dye penetrants and magnetic particle testing and the ultrasonic’s required to size defects.

Digital Crack Detection Method
• Sizes Cracks (Length & Depth) Applications
• Detects through Coatings, Paint & Scale
• No Recoating Required
• No Metal Contact Required
• More Precise than Conventional Methods
• High Temperature Applications

An electromagnetic field is induced into the surface being inspected. When the probe is passed over a surface breaking crack, the electromagnetic field is disturbed allowing detection of the anomaly.

This field is measured using the proprietary software which allows crack depth and length measurements in real-time.

Probes of almost any configuration can be customized for nearly any application imaginable.

Applications of ACFM include:
• Structural Welds on Platforms
• Structural Welds on Drilling Rigs
• Pipeline Girth Welds &Supports
• Pressure Vessel System Welds
• Cooling Tower Welds
• Compressor Fin Surfaces &Threads
• Drill Collar Threads