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In Service Robotic Storage Tank Inspection & Cleaning in Saudi Arabia
TCR Arabia with its international partners offers high-density Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) scanning of storage tank floor while the tank is full and in service.

The total cost of conventional inspections far greater than the expense of cleaning and MFE inspection. The cost of material transfer, product downgrades and tank downtime can be enormous. The hidden cost of premature repair scan be just as high. When the tank is empty, in a conventional norm, you have to complete all repairs quickly. This usually means paying a premium for service – and completing repairs that aren’t necessary for another five to ten years.

Now you can reduce costs by completing an API 653 inspection of your ASTs (Above-Ground Storage Tanks) without taking them down for manual cleaning and inspection.

InTANK robotic inspection service can scan the floor of a full tank while in-service and provide you with a quantitative assessment of tank floor integrity — all with greater reliability and precision than you’ve ever had before.

• Eliminate the high cost of taking down your tanks
• Complete an API 653 inspection in days instead of weeks or months
• Avoid disruptions in normal service and keep revenue consistent
• Perform repairs only as needed
• Minimize impact to your costs and operations
• Reduce environmental and safety risks without opening the tank or due to manned entry

The InTANK service systematically scans the tank bottom with an array of eight ultrasonic transducers, and relays high-volume UT data for analysis. The robot pushed sludge aside as it travels making cleaning and waste disposal unnecessary in many cases.

The tank inspection report provides a complete, 10-year API 653 report on the condition of your tank. The report will include:

• Top-side and bottom-side corrosion locations
• Floor-plate thickness and pitting
• Videotape of roof underside and vapor space structures
• Fiberglass coating measurement

The Tank inspection report also gives you a recommended timetable for future repairs. This powerful tool enables you to manage costs and cash flow by scheduling out-of-service cleaning and repairs efficiently.

High-density UT scanning reveals more about the true condition of your tank.

The InTANK service systematically scans the tank floor and collects a high volume of UT data for analysis. Unlike traditional inspection technologies, the InTANK scanning system is not affected by tank coatings, including fiberglass. Incoming data streams pinpoint areas of corrosion and quantify the remaining plate thickness.

Verification Studies prove that this is the API 653 inspection you can rely on.