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NDT and Material Testing per ASTM API and NACE in Saudi Arabia

Robotic Crawler Video Inspection in Saudi Arabia
TCR Arabia performs Robotic Crawler Video inspection in association with its international partner. As part of this technique, inspectors from TCR Arabia can inspect the Underside of Fixed Roof & Roof Support Columns of a given above ground storage tank without Service Disruption.

TCR Arabia with its international partner offers Quik-Look™ for inspection of underside of AST fixed roof and roof support columns without removing the tank from service.

TCR Arabia with its international partner can inspect the underside of AST fixed roof, roof support structure and the internal shell above the product all while the tank is in service with Quik-Look™.

Quik-Look™ is a compact, portable video camera inspection service used to determine the amount and distribution of material in the tank as well as tank conditions such as corrosion and scaling.

Quik-Look™ has pan, tilt and zoom capabilities and is installed thru the man way of AST fixed roof and held in the vapor space between fixed roof and the product (or floating roof) to visually inspect every visible item above the product level (or floating roof).