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Ferrite Content Measurement in Saudi Arabia
TCR Arabia determines ferrite content in weldments and clad layers of austenitic and duplex stainless steels using Fisher Instrument’s model FERITSCOPE MP30.

Codes and Standards
  • ANSI/AWS A4.2M / A4.2 (1997):Standard procedures for calibrating magnetic instruments to measure the delta ferrite content of austenitic and duplex ferrite-austenitic stainless steel weld metal
  • Draft revision of ISO 8249 – 1985 (E) and II – C – 023 – 94 welding – determination of ferrite number in austenitic and duplex ferrite austenite Cr-Ni stainless steel weld metal, IIW document II 1269 – 95 (II-C-034-95)
  • ASTM B499: Standard test method for measurement of coating thickness by magnetic method: non-magnetic coatings on magnetic base metals

The object on which the ferrite content is to be measured should be ground flat and free of grease, dirt etc. There shall not be any item or the like near the object, which shall interfere with the magnetic characteristics of the instrument.

Equipment at TCR Arabia
Fisher Instrument’s model FERITSCOPE MP30
The equipment used to measure the ferrite content shall be Feritscope MP30 which shall give digital read out of the value either in % Fe or FN. This instrument uses the magnetic induction test method whereby the ferrite content shall be obtained from the magnetic permeability.

Documentation And Reporting Of Test Results
Each examination or survey is reported in accurate and detailed manner by TCR Arabia's expert technicans. An average of three or five readings depending on the Client’s requirement is reported as % Fe or FN for that particular reference object.