TCR Arabia - NDT and Material Testing Services in Saudi Arabia
NDT and Material Testing per ASTM API and NACE in Saudi Arabia

Paint and Coating Inspection in Saudi Arabia
TCR Arabia in Saudi Arabia undertakes inspection of paint and / or coatings as applied to metal surfaces. Senior TCR paint inispectors are qualified BGas (British Gas Corporation) and NACE certified inspectors.

Inspection Roles and Responsibilities
The inspector will be responsible for verifying that the following items (as required) conform in all respects to the specific requirements of the relevant specification.
  • The blasting and coating materials
  • The blasting and coating equipment
  • The temperature and humidity
  • The surface condition
  • The application procedure(s)
The paint and coating inspection team of TCR Arabia is fully equipped and has at it's disposal Wet paint thickness gauge(s), Dry paint film thickness gauge(s), Holiday detector(s), Hygrometer with dew point calculator and Metal surface thermometer.

Inspection Procedure
The expert paint and coating inspectors of TCR Arabia are responsible for monitoring and verifying that work inspected conforms in all respects to the specific requirements of the relevant code, specification and/or standard with respect to the paint/coating procedure, the physical application as well as the te physical examination, including testing.

Documentation And Reporting Of Test Results
TCR Arabia's expert inspectors undertake and are responsible for the preparation of concise but detailed records, including records as required, for the following: a) Materials control and identification
b) Climatic conditions
c) Surface condition
d) Details of abrasive(s) and application procedure
e) Abrasive/wire brush standard
f) Details of coating and application procedure
g) Equipment calibration
h) Inspection results