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Positive Material Identification Services in Saudi Arabia
TCR Arabia conducts identification of metallic materials, also referred to as Alloy Verification (positive material identification - PMI) all over Saudi Arabia. The aim of the identification of material is to ensure that the nominal material composition that is as supplied and complies with purchase order and / or design requirements. TCR Arabia can perform PMI on the following items:
  • Alloy Steel Pipes including clad pipes
  • Alloy Steel Flanges and Forgings
  • Alloy Steel Fittings including clad fittings
  • Alloy Steel Fasteners
  • Alloy cast and forged steel valves
  • Alloy Steel instrumentation items (control valves, safety valves, etc.)
  • Longitudinal vales and fitting welds
  • Gaskets (for ring type joints)
Codes and Standards
ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section II, Material specification
ASTM E 353, Chemical analysis of stainless, heat resisting, maraging and other similar chromium, nickel – iron alloys
ASTM E 354, Chemical analysis of high-temperature, electrical, magnetic and other similar, nickel and cobalt alloys
ASTM A 751, Method practices and terminology for chemical analysis of steel products
API Recommended Practice 578, Material Verification program for new and existing alloy piping systems

The metallic surface to be tested shall be free from all extraneous materials such as scale, grease, rust, dirt, etc. which may interfere with the testing. If necessary, light filing shall be done to ensure good surface contact of the electrode of the PMI equipment.

Equipment at TCR Arabia
TCR Arabia's Positive Material Identification service includes experienced on-site inspection and testing team with multiple highly sophisticated handheld / portable X-Ray Florescence (XRF) and portable Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) spectrometer which can measure the complete chemical composition of the materials, non-destructively and accurately.

TCR Arabia have several PMI instruments that can be deployed for a on-site assignment in the oil and petrochemical industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Aarabia.

XRF Portable Alloy Analyzer
Our XRF based PMI instruments include InnovX Systems ‘A2000’, Oxford Instruments Xmet 3000T and/or Niton Corporation ‘XLT 898’ Alloy Analyser, XMET 3000TX Portable Alloy Analyzer from Metorex (Finland), Metal Master 2000, Model 898 Alloy Analyzer from NITON and Model XMET3000 from Metorex. These analyzers can analyze alloying elements in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel, Tool Steels, Ni Alloys, Cobalt Alloys and Copper Alloys. The elements that can be analyzed are Cr, Ni, Mo, Mn, Fe, Ti, Nb, Zn, Cu, Co, W, V, Sn, Pb, Ta, etc. The identification is done on basis of major alloying elements only and grade of material is reported by our inspection engineer. Please note that this instrument will not analyze elements like C, S, P, Si, Al, B etc and hence material like 316L and 316 can not be segregated by these instruments.

ARC-MET 8000 MobileLab Portable Spectrometer
This portable spectrometer is ideal for PMI and can determine all elements in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel. It can be used to analyze Ferrous and Non Ferrous materials including Nickel, Cobalt Aluminum and Copper base alloys along with Carbon. Low Alloy and Stainless Steels. Separate calibration will be provided for each matrix. Thus this is a very precise instrument and is used in lab as well as field operations. It uses Argon Gas for Ferrous samples where determination of elements like C, S, P and Si is essential to determine exact grade. The test surface requirement however is a flat surface of about 20mm dia. It can analyze elements including Fe, C, Si, Mn, Cr, Mo, Ni, Al, Co, Cu, Nb, Ti, V, W, Pb, and Zr.

PMI Inspection and Services Team
The TCR Arabia PMI division has expert engineering and inspection personnel to undertake incoming material inspection and provide on-site alloy verification for Quality control and Stock control purposes. TCR Arabia can analyze Melt and Weld and provide a comprehensive Maintenance assessment. Our expert engineers can also provide guidance to clients in selection of test equipment and forming test standards.

Positive Material Identification Projects are undertaken on a Time and Material or fixed-cost basis based upon the customer's requirement. In most instances we deploy XRF based instruments, however, we can also deploy a portable optical emission spectrometer (Arcmet 8000) which can analyze carbon, sulphur, phospohorus, but is not as portable as XRF instrument. If choosing the portable optical emission spectrometer, the costs will be extra.

Our quotation will depend on quantum of work (number of PMI points to be inspected) and Number of Days employed. Lodging, Boarding and transportation will be extra at actuals. If you have any particular type of job, please let us know and we shall make a specific proposal for you.

Completed Projects and Customers
Our PMI service client list includes customers in the refining and petrochemical industry, a number of Metal producers, Foundries, Metal fabricators, Scrap yards, Scrap traders, Electric utility companies, Fossil and Nuclear power plants, Construction engineering, and the Chemical process industry.

We have a large list of successful completion of Positive Material Identification (PMI test) projects in Kuwait and India. Our partner company, TCR Engineering has completed more than 500 PMI assignments including projects under third party inspection of EIL, Lloyds, KTI, TUV, DNV & BARC in India.
Positive Material Identification
Positive Material Identification
Positive Material Identification
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