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Eddy Current Testing – Level I Training Class in Saudi Arabia
This course prepares a candidate to Perform Surface Eddy Current Inspection and:

• Perform Specific Calibrations
• Specific NDT
• Specific Evaluations for Accept or Reject Determinations according to written Instructions
• Record Results



Electrical Parameters
• Resistance
• Inductance
• Impedance

• Faraday’s Law
• Lenz’s Law

Eddy Current Theory
• Generation of Eddy Currents
• Impedance changes by Eddy Currents
• Effect of change of impedance on instrumentation

Impedance Curves
• Conductivity Curve
• Lift Off Curve
• Permeability

Types of Eddy Current Sensing Elements
• Probes

• Lift-off
• Theory of operation
• Inspection of Non-Ferromagnetic Materials
• Inspection of Ferromagnetic Materials

Special Probes
• Lift Off Insensitive
• Fastener Probes- Ring Probe

Calibration Standards
• Conductivity Standards
• EDM notch Surface Standards

• Surface Inspection
• Inspection of Airframes
• Airframe Fastener Inspection
• Turbine Blade Inspection
• Inspection of Petrochemical Piping
• Surface Weld Inspection

Surface ECT Procedure
ASME Section V

Setting up the Instrument
Selection of Frequency
Test on Various Samples
Prepare test Report

• General
• Specific
• Practical Tests

Candidates must score a minimum of 70% in each test and a minimum of 80% average for all the three tests.

The duration of this course is for 5 days and it is conducted by NDT experts from TCR Arabia. Students will be given an ECT Level I certificate at the end of this course.

All courses, unless specified in advanced with the client will be conducted at TCR Arabia’s training room at its office in Dammam located at:

TCR Arabia Company Limited
P.O. Box-3422
# 3 & 4, next to Al Kifah Construction
besides Al-Kadi Tent Factory
near King Abdulaziz Sea Port
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(T) +966-3-8475784/8475785
(F) +966-3-8475768
(M) +966-504997683
Attention: Syed Ameen Hassan (M) 00966-504997683

Dates for scheduling of each class will be announced when a minimum of at least 6 students sign up for a given batch.