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Mechanical Metallurgy Laboratory – Level I Training Class in Saudi Arabia
This course covers the following topics:

Part I: Mechanical fundamentals
• Introduction to mechanical metallurgy
• Stress and strain relationships of elastic behavior
• Elements of the theory of elasticity

Part II Metallurgical fundamentals
• Plastic deformation of single crystals
• Dislocation theory
• Strengthening mechanisms
• Fracture

Upon completing this course the students will have a good understanding on the subject area including:

Interaction of stress and strain on materials in elastic and plastic manners will be understood.

Deformation behavior of metals due to dislocation interaction as well as strengthening mechanisms of metals will be addressed.

Different methods of mechanical testing will be highlighted along with the interpretation of sensible information from the obtained data such that mechanical assessments are appropriately selected for the required applications.

Metallurgical aspects which affect mechanical properties of materials will be discussed.

Finally cause of material failure will be possible solutions will be discussed.

The duration of this course is 3 days and it is conducted by a Senior Metallurgist. Students will be given a course completion certificate at the end of this course.

All courses, unless specified in advanced with the client will be conducted at TCR Arabia’s training room at its office in Dammam located at:

TCR Arabia Company Limited
P.O. Box-3422
# 3 & 4, next to Al Kifah Construction
besides Al-Kadi Tent Factory
near King Abdulaziz Sea Port
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(T) +966-3-8475784/8475785
(F) +966-3-8475768
(M) +966-504997683
Attention: Syed Ameen Hassan (M) 00966-504997683

Dates for scheduling of each class will be announced when a minimum of at least 6 students sign up for a given batch.