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NDT and Material Testing per ASTM API and NACE in Saudi Arabia

Plant Operational, Inspection and Reliability Trainings Training Classes in Saudi Arabia
The following additional classes can also be taught by TCR Arabia

1. Piping and Valves, ASME Piping codes:

• Process Piping Fundamentals-Pipe sizing, layout, Design and Engineering
• Piping Design, Construction and Mechanical Integrity
• Understanding of ASME B 31.3 - Process Piping Code
• Understanding of ASME B 31.4 (Liquid Petroleum Transport Piping Code).
• Understanding and Application of Gas Piping Code: (ASME B 31.8).
• Pipe Stress Analysis, Flexibility and Pipe Supports
• Piping Code (ASME B 31.3) and Fitness For Service Assessment (API 579) for Plant Piping.
• Piping and Valves: Design, Construction, Operation ,Protection and Integrity.
• Selection, Operation & Maintenance of Valves, Best Practices
• Control & Safety Relief Valves: Operation, Selection and Troubleshooting
• Piping layout Engineering and Piping Isometrics
• CEASER-II. Pipe Stress Analysis, Expansion Joints and Supports selection
• Application of Piping Codes, Standards and Recommended practices
• Inspection of Pipelines and process piping systems

2. Chemical Engineering, Refineries and Petrochemical Courses :

• Distillation and Unit Operations, Control and Troubleshooting.
• Principles of Process Engineering
• Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU) in Refineries
• Additives for Polyolefins: Their Importance and Functions.
• Chemical Engineering Basics (Unit Operations, process equipments: boiler, chiller, heat exchanger, distillation column; process plants and automation.
• Petroleum Refinery Engineering.
• Introduction to Refinery Processes.
• Plastics: Materials and Testing
• Process Equipment Sizing and Selection.
• Pilot Plant and Scale-up Studies.
• Distillation and Unit Operations, Control and Troubleshooting.
• Chemical Engineering Calculations
• Chemical Engineering and Technology for Non-Chemical Engineers .

3. Pressure Vessels Design, ASME Pressure Vessel Codes:

• Awareness of ASME Codes.( Guided Tour of all ASME codes)
• Coded Pressure Vessel Design. (ASME Section VIII Division-1).
• Coded Design of Boilers and Heaters-ASME Sec.I
• Understanding Codes and Standards.
• Understanding ASME Pressure Vessel codes: ASME Sec.I. Sec.II, Sec V, Sec.VIII and sec. IX
• Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Design, Operation, Control and Troubleshooting
• Design and Engineering of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
• Understanding and Application of ASME Section IX, (Welding Qualifications).

4. Plant Inspection and API courses

• Preparatory Course for API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification Examination
• Preparatory Course for API 570 Piping Inspector Certification Examination
• Preparatory Course for API 653 Storage Tank Inspector Certification Examination
• Preparatory Course for API 571 (Damage Mechanisms) Supplementary Certification
• API 579-Fitness For Service Assessments
• API 580/81 Risk Based Inspection.
• API 650 - Coded Design of Welded Steel Tanks for Bulk Storage.
• In-service and Shut-down Inspection of Petroleum Refinery.

5. Metallurgy and corrosion Engineering Courses

• Corrosion for Non-Corrosion Engineers.
• Corrosion, Metallurgy and Prevention of Failure
• Selection of Metallic Materials, Metallurgical Principles and Applications.
• Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists.
• Fundamentals of Materials science for Engineers.
• Metallurgy of Steel (Basic).
• Metallurgy of Steel (Advanced).
• Metallurgy and Failure Analysis of Process Equipment and Piping.
• Root Cause Failure Analysis & Reliability.
• Selection of materials for Refinery and Petrochemical industries.
• Corrosion Awareness Monitoring and Control.
• Root Cause Failure Analysis & Reliability.
• Corrosion and Cathodic Protection

6. Instrumentation ,Control and Communications Courses

• HART Based Instrumentation and Control Field Devices.
• Industrial Process Control and Instrumentation
• Automation Project Engineering (Instrumentation Symbols, P&ID, instrumentation documents, panel docs, project management, installation & commissioning, standards and practices).
• PLC Commissioning, Programming & Troubleshooting.
• SCADA and Communication Standards (communication standards and protocols, SCADA concepts and features, alarms, trends, graphs, database connectivity).
• Advanced SCADA and communications for Water, Electricity and Process Industries.
• Microcontroller based system design for Embedded applications.
• Distributed Control System - DCS Design & Operation.
• Measurement and Automatic Process Control
• Process dynamics and control.
• UPS systems & battery chargers. (maint. & troubleshooting).
• Instrumentation and Controls for Boilers and Auxiliaries.
• Instrumentation and Controls for Water and Waste-water treatment Plants

7. Welding Technology Courses

• Applied Welding Metallurgy.
• Applied Welding Technology.
• Welding in Pressure Vessels and Piping, Weld Inspection
• Understanding and Application of structural welding Code (AWS D 1.1)
• Understanding and Application of ASME Section IX, (Welding Qualifications).
• Process Equipments: Fabrication and Heat Treatment
• Training and Qualifying Welders and Procedures
• Welding Technology and Welding practices in Fabrication Industry
• Welding Qualifications Code for Transportation Piping.( API 1104).
• Certified Welding Inspector: CWI, CSWIP

8. Water Treatment, Pollution Control Courses

• Water Treatment Plant Design, Theory and Practices (Ion Exchange and Reverse Osmosis)
• Boiler Feed Water Treatment Operations & Practices.
• The Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance of Ion Exchange and Reverse Osmosis Demineralization Plants
• Waste-water treatment in Process plants

9. Pumps , Compressors , and other Rotating equipments

• Pumps and Compressors, Performance Curves, Testing Standards and Codes.
• Centrifugal and Reciprocating Compressors: Operation, Performance & Troubleshooting.
• Pumps: Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting..
• Pumps : Principles, Selection, Operation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
• Selection and Sizing of Rotary Equipments ( Pumps, Compressors, Motors and Gear Boxes)

10. Electrical Engineering Courses

• Testing of Electrical Power Equipment According to Standard Specifications.
• Design and operation of Electrical Substation.
• Selection, laying and fault finding of Electrical Cables
• Motors, Variable Speed Drives and Generators
• Selection, installation and Testing of Electric Transformers

11. Training Course in following topics are also arranged

• Safety Related Courses and Safety audits
• Construction and Project Management
• Site Management, Contract administration & Contract Closeout.
• Oil well Engineering, Drilling Technology
• Autocad and Design/Drafting
• Behavioral sciences, Banking skills, and related Courses
• Industrial Biotechnology & fermentation.
• Practical Mechanical Engineering for Industry

All courses, unless specified in advanced with the client will be conducted at TCR Arabia’s training room at its office in Dammam located at:

TCR Arabia Company Limited
P.O. Box-3422
# 3 & 4, next to Al Kifah Construction
besides Al-Kadi Tent Factory
near King Abdulaziz Sea Port
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(T) +966-3-8475784/8475785
(F) +966-3-8475768
(M) +966-504997683
Attention: Syed Ameen Hassan (M) 00966-504997683

Dates for scheduling of each class will be announced when a minimum of at least 6 students sign up for a given batch.