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Sour Gas Corrosion Testing – Level I Training Class in Saudi Arabia
Corrosion of metals has imposed a serious threat on industry, the society and the nation in terms of both money and manpower. General statistics reveals that overall cost due to corrosion of metals amounts to at least 2-4% of GNP. This loss not only included the cost of replacement of metals, but also the damage to products by contamination, shut down of production, loss of efficiency and in psychological factors associated with failure or explosion of equipments. This loss can be reduced effectively to the tune of 20-25% by the application of appropriate and upgraded knowledge of corrosion and corrosion control science. Present course is an attempt in this direction which includes the basics and applied aspects of diffraction forms of corrosion and introduces to the recent developments in corrosion science and engineering with special emphasis on sour gas corrosion.

Module 1: Basics of Sour Gas Corrosion

Module 2: Review of Standards
Understanding of NACE TM0284 - resistance of pipeline and pressure vessel plate steels to Hydrogen Inducted Cracking caused by hydrogen absorption from aqueous sulfide corrosion.

Understanding of NACE TM 0177, EFC 16 and 17 - Sulfide stress corrosion cracking (SSCC) test occurs when a susceptible material is exposed to a corrosive environment containing water and H2S at a critical level of applied or residual tensile stress.

Module 3: Sample Preparation

Module 4: Review Sample under Microscope

Module 5: Hardness Testing
Selection of type of harness based on type of steel grade and geometry of specimen.
Operation of hardness testing Machines. Calibration of hardness machine and Selection of indenter.
Standard practice of harness testing as per ASTM E384, E10 , E92 and E18 .
Calculation of hardness number .
Conversion of one hardness to other type of hardness as per ASTM E140.

Module 6: Grain Size Analysis
Selection of sample for grain size analysis
Micro constituent of steel
Standard practice of grain size analysis as per ASTM E112, E930, E1382
Parameter setting for optical microscope for grain size analysis
Evaluation of Grain size

Module 7: Determination of Inclusion Rating
Basic Knowledge of different type of non metallic inclusions in steel
Selection of sample for inclusion rating
Physical appearance of inclusions in cast steel/iron
Physical appearance of inclusion rolled product
Standard practice for inclusion rating as per ASTM E45 and ASTM E1245 specification
Calibration of optical microscope
Parameter setting for optical microscope for inclusion analysis
Evaluation of inclusion content in steel

The duration of this course is for 5 days and it is conducted by a Senior Metallurgist. Students will be given a course completion certificate at the end of this course.

All courses, unless specified in advanced with the client will be conducted at TCR Arabia’s training room at its office in Dammam located at:

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Dates for scheduling of each class will be announced when a minimum of at least 6 students sign up for a given batch.