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Third party Audit & Quality Inspection

TCR Arabia is a trusted provider for independent Third-Party Technical Inspection and quality assurance services that include Factory Audits, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Random Inspection and Loading Supervision directly on-site or at the supplier's location across KSA, Kuwait and India.

TCR's ISO 17025 certified material testing laboratory delivers best-in-class services consistently to customers around the world. Their deep industry expertise ensures its performance and service quality are exemplary and they meet all requirements; compliance, regulatory or client specific. TCR helps in augmenting the integrity and efficiency of equipment with safe working conditions for its employees. Its material testing laboratory provides full chemical, mechanical, non-destructive testing, metallographic, positive material identification, corrosion testing and component testing services, including portable spectrometers, and digital photography. TCR also has access to a scanning electron microscope and EDAX attachments.

Quality control is a key success factor for companies dealing with International or non-standard suppliers. TCR Arabia's stringent quality assurance program helps businesses to:

  • Reduce risks associated with poor quality, loading, storage, transportation and non-compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Get informed in advance about production problems and shipping delays

  • Ensure that contractual obligations are met: specifications, packaging, marking and delivery

  • Identify problems before products are shipped or distributed

  • Establish and maintain a high-performance vendor base and lower costs

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With over four decades of experience, TCR Arabia with its India Partner, TCR Engineering, has built a team that not only possess a strong engineering background but also has a track record of performing quality analysis (QA) on all engineering goods sourced globally and validate them as per ASTM, BS, GS, JS, IS and other international standards. The team offers consulting solutions based on the latest technological advances that incorporates all current national and international norms.


On successful completion of the final random inspection, a detailed inspection report is shared with the client. TCR Engineering Services Inspection Certificate is issued to the manufacturer/trader to validate the product quality and highlight the positive parameters.


TCR Arabia's Factory Audit service verifies the capability of a manufacturer to meet the contract conditions on all parameters that include quality, quantity and delivery terms. These assessments are typically tailor-made as per the client's needs and requirements. When clients avail this service, they can rely on TCR and eliminate the need for their presence either on-site or at the manufacturer's plant or factory


TCR Arabia has a team possesing a strong engineering background. This team stands ready to offer consultation based on the latest technological advances, incorporating current national and international norms and standards. TCR Arabia can help assist in creating a first production prototype, technical documentation, standards evaluation, establishing production and quality criteria, and technical transfer to the supplier.


TCR inspectors can select a predetermined number of samples at the production stage from a factory, seal them, label and send them to its material testing laboratory for testing based on customer requirements. At TCR Engineering Services, the material testing laboratory provides Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Non-Destructive Testing, Metallography, Corrosion Testing, Failure Analysis, Raw Material Inspection, Metallurgical Product evaluation, Engineering Research and Consulting services


The inspection team from TCR Arabia, based on the client's instructions and Purchase Order specifications can perform a visual inspection of products that are available at the start of a production cycle. The "Initial Production Check" along with a "Final Random Inspection" and other in-line production checks assists in taking corrective actions at early stages of the production cycle. The inspection team sends out intermediary reports to the client and keeps them informed about the production progress relative to the delivery terms


The inspection team performs a visual inspection and random material testing  of products during the production process. This in-production service check mitigates the failure risk at the final random inspection stage. The check can be done as an independant service or for a more stringent approach, it can be combined with with the "Initial Production Check" and/or "Random Inspection."


TCR Arabia inspection services team performs a final random inspection that comprises of a stringent and detailed visual inspection of goods before any type of shipment. It is generally conducted on samples selected from the defined sampling procedures and on the premises of the manufacturer. The inspection criteria include both quality and quantity, while the marking and packing are based on the client's specifications and reference samples.


To ease product delivery, the TCR Arabia inspection team offers Loading Supervision services that include "as appropriate" the checking of the container condition, identification of the loaded packing units with the previously inspected consignment, tallying of the total number of shipping packing units and sealing of the container. Loading Supervision service is offered in combination with the Final Random Inspection


Once the product is ready for shipment, TCR verifies all export logistics, including local documentation, customs, licensing and tariff requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure on-time delivery

Third-Party Inspection



TCR follows the most widely accepted sampling methods as defined in ISO 2859 tables (also known as AQL tables). This proven method is widely used to decide whether or not to accept or reject a production lot without checking every single item of the lot. Performed on randomly-selected sample items, once the production lot has been completed and packed, this standard is recognized by every industrial company. In addition to this, TCR has developed a detailed standardized inspection procedure to optimize efficiency and maximize performance in-line with client requirements.


TCR Inspection team seeks specific information from the vendor/buyer on whose behalf the inspection is to be carried out:

1. Name, Address, Telephone & Fax No of Vendor

2. Details of the materials ordered along with specification (IS/BS/ASTM etc), the quantity testing requirements and other special needs

3. Sampling plan, if any


TCR´s inspection department will then get in touch with the supplier to ascertain the availability of material for inspection. If available, an inspection is fixed within the 24 hours


TCR reviews suppliers internal records, test certificates for different identified stages in the approved quality plan or material procurement for verifying conformance of requirements of the equipment's/systems as per Purchase Orders, agreed upon technical specifications/approved drawings/data sheets, approved Quality Plan and other documents available with the contractor


Based on the agreement, TCR carries out stage-based and or final inspection on its own or in conjunction with customer's representatives


TCR's inspectors carry out normal visual inspection (capturing detailed size measurements) and mark each and every item (or random sampling, as specified by the client) with a "unique identification number” or TCR Test Certificate Number (if material testing is ordered as well) and a TCR Stamp. Extra stamping would be done on materials randomly drawn for testing as per sampling plan of the buyer. If no specific sampling plan is given by the buyer, it is normal practice at TCR to draw a minimum of 2 samples and one additional sample for a batch of 10. This ensures uniformity in assessment for the whole lot. The TCR inspector will also mark the material from which necessary length of the sample is to be procured


If the samples are to be cut by the vendor, it must be delivered to TCR´s laboratory making sure that TCR stamp numbering & identification markings are intact on the samples


TCR will test the sample at its laboratory and carry out all tests as specified by the buyer. The testing can also be performed in stages on request of the vendor if the material fails to meet some of the requirements. The testing can be stalled in such cases when it is established that a sample has failed a certain test


All samples drawn from a particular lot must pass all the tests as specified by the buyer. If any of the samples fail, the entire lot is rejected. To gain acceptance, the vendor must agree to test each and every bar/plate of the lot with respect to the failed test. Only samples that pass the test will be cleared for dispatch


All bills for testing & inspection charges are typically raised to the vendor and the buyer may reimburse the same to the vendor for all accepted materials


All materials dispatched from the vendor to the buyer will carry the TCR stamp and Serial / TC Number, for easy verification by the inspection department of the buyer


In case of failure, the vendor is advised to offer a new lot and entire procedure is repeated again once the supplier rectifies the deviation as per the proposed corrective actions. In case of minor deviation from standard specification, the vendor may get clearance from the buyer and such clearance is to be directly communicated to TCR by the buyer. Such items can then be cleared for dispatch


The inspection report is prepared in the prescribed format along with the necessary supporting documents are issued such as Stage Inspection Reports / Test Certificates, etc. confirming the acceptance of the sample and material as per approved technical documentation and quality plans. The same is shared with the client through courier and email



TCR has over the years built significant relationships in the industry, By leveraging its years of expertise, TCR offers end-to-end sourcing solutions. It covers the entire sourcing process, right from finding right suppliers to transferring design specifications. TCR also helps in setting-up the right supply chain, control logistics and ensure that the shipment meets all export guidelines.


TCR’s strength lies in its domain expertise in the material testing services that ensures stringent quality control measures across all engagements.

Product Sourcing



TCR continuously forges strong relationships with manufacturers and traders by visiting their facilities and confirming "first hand" their capabilities. TCR has the capability to source, inspect and test ferrous and non-ferrous metals, casting & forging, sheet metal, bar, pipe, stainless steel, nuts, bolts, engineering goods, non-metallic materials such as a polymer, ceramic, glass, machined parts and machine tool components from all parts of India.

TCR has a dedicated team of Engineers, Chemists, Metallurgists and Technicians to participate in the material and goods sourcing. It’s Engineers are well versed in interpreting drawings and assist in the creation of "test" samples. TCR Arabia has developed a 5-step sourcing process tailored to ensure optimum results for its clients:

TCR seeks detailed information on the product type, drawing, material specifications, the required quantity and quality, along with target delivery date from the client

TCR goes into the marketplace and contacts metal manufacturers, traders and producers to determine their production capability, availability, quality, and unit price

TCR shares the product price quote in a FOB price format and directly negotiates with the manufacturer/trader to provide the client with a competitive bid

Once the client is satisfied with all the parameters including price and quality, TCR confirms the order with the vendor for developing an appropriate prototype as a sample for approval

Physical samples are either shipped or shown in person for approval. TCR places the order post client confirmation and verifies all payment and shipping logistics during the process




TCR Arabia provides inspection and quality assurance services to help retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers assess product quality and meet the regulatory requirements of their specific industry vertical. TCR’s independent third-party inspection and quality assurance services promote improved product quality and a massive reduction in customer complaints, non-compliance, and product recall.

The on-site inspection team at TCR is available across KSA at a competitive pricing model with its man-day framework.

Vendor Inspection
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