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Our Accreditations and Approvals



ISO 9001-2015

TCR Arabia ISO 9001-2015

TCR’s in-house quality system (accredited to ISO 17025 for Mechanical, PMI, RoHS and Chemical testing) assures that all sample specimens are properly handled, machined, tested, examined and inspected in accordance with test requirements. The mission of the Quality Assurance Department is to maintain the ISO 17025 established standards of quality and for the development and application of the systems and procedures necessary to meet or exceed the quality requirements of all customers. The Quality Assurance Department conducts frequent and vigorous internal audits to ensure the highest possible level of quality in support of the TCR service offering.

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TCR Arabia ISO/IEC 17025:2005

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TL-783 cert New Pg2.jpg
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ISO 17025

TCR Arabia SAC Accreditation

TCR Arabia - SAC.png
TCR Arabia - SAC_2.png

TCR Arabia SFDA Accreditation

TCR Arabia - SFDA.png

Client and Industry Appreciation

TCR Arabia has worked with several leaders across industry verticals including Automotive, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Chemical Processing, Defense, Electronics, Nuclear Power, Capital Goods, and manufacturing industries. Get to know more about TCR Arabia's work through our outstanding appreciation letters received from our delighted clients

TCR Arabia - Advanced Petrochemical- ToFD Apprecia
TCR Arabia - CAT- PQR WQT.png
TCR Arabia - GE Energy Helium Leak Testing.png
TCR Arabia - Appreciation Letter from SINOPEC (Pet
TCR Arabia - Hyundai- Eddy Current Testing.png
TCR Arabia - SABIC (United) - NDT Services.png
TCR Arabia - SEC - NDT.png
TCR Arabia - SIPCHEM - Appreciation Letter.png
TCR Arabia - TEKFEN, Khurais - ToFD-PMI-PWHT Job,
TCR Arabia - GPIC.png
TCR Arabia - SABIC - Ibn-Sina - Corrosion Mapping.
TCR Arabia - TASNEE - Appreciation Letter.png
TCR Arabia - TEKFEN, Petrorabigh - ToFD Job, Appr
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