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TCR Arabia:

Redefining Reliability

TCR Arabia was founded in 2007 as a joint venture between the pioneering TCR Engineering Services (India) and GAS Arabian Service (Saudi Arabia). Armed with an ISO 17025 accreditation, we are among the few chosen organizations that have been approved by all major companies in KSA. Our branch offices in KSA are in Jubail and Yanbu along with a strong presence in UAE, Kuwait & Qatar. Our growing global operations are spread across multiple countries including India, Malaysia, South Africa and the United States serving 2500+ customers globally. 

TCR enables organizations across the globe to develop and execute solutions for efficiently managing plant operations. TCR aims to innovate in a way that minimizes the gap between their offerings and their client needs. For TCR, innovation is about finding a unique way to execute a solution that would impact client results. TCR-Arabia attracts the best of industry talent due to our unique brand positioning and diverse service offerings across global clients making all our engagements challenging and exciting. We firmly believe that the quality and commitment of our employees is a major reason for our growth and success.


TCR Arabia, based in Dammam, provides timely and accurate results reporting of materials properties through its dedicated destructive testing laboratory, strong NDT and plant shutdown management, stringent product inspections, in-depth engineering consulting and contract research to ensure materials and products have assured quality and enhanced performance; giving customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  TCR delivers unbiased results on time, every single time. From Advanced NDT, Metallurgy, Shutdown Management Services, Inspection Manpower Deployment, Training Programs – NDT & Metallurgy, to Material Testing, Microbiology Testing, Welder Qualification, and Heat Treatment, TCR’s team is distinguished by knowledge, imagination, and experience gained across industries, which is reflected in every project they undertake. TCR, because of its global presence can rapidly assemble the right team with the right experience to help clients anywhere in the world.


Building Trust since 1973

The parent entity was incorporated in 1973 as TCR Engineering Services in India and has over the years grown to be India’s leading material testing and research company. It was the vision of Mr. V. K. Bafna, the founder, a keen metallurgist to provide real, sustainable solutions to companies that would drive progress for them. He infused the principles of precision, transparency and reliability in all actions due to which, TCR today is a trusted service provider for top-notch companies across the globe.


TCR treats all its clients equally; whether it is Fortune 500 companies or Small-medium businesses, it delivers results with the same speed and efficiency without compromising on quality.  TCR recognizes the significance of developing relationships that echo their culture of mutual respect and unwavering ethics. For over five decades, TCR is focused on bringing to life great ideas and business solutions that drive growth for their clients. The company has many ‘firsts’ to its credit and has become a thought leader in the industry because of its pioneering work. TCR has a growing global presence and is rooted in behaving ethically in all their interactions with their employees, partners, and their customers.


Founder & Visionary TCR Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.



TCR Arabia commitment is to put our customers first by providing excellent service and great quality assurance experiences. This is what we do and this is why we exist. TCR Arabia is an active member in the local NDT community and has regularly participates in the chapters of the Saudi Arabian Section (SAS) of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing as well as the Bahrain Society of Engineers (BSE). As part of this activity, TCR Arabia also actively participated by way of an exhibition booth at the Fourth and the Fifth Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference and Exhibition which is held on a bi-annual basis in Bahrain. By focusing on its customers and being a responsible member of our communities, TCR Arabia will prove to be a trusted QA company, create meaningful work for ourselves and provide something of lasting value for society. As a result, TCR Arabia will be recognized as a great company. In order to keep this commitment, we need to always honor our core values:


Employee comes first


Hard-work and Continuous Self Improvement


Honesty and integrity


Quality and Efficient services to the customer


Ethical job performance


Meeting Commitments


Encouraging individual ability and creativity


Safeguarding & Rightful Utilization of Company Assets


Customer Satisfaction above all these


To provide high-quality technical inspection and testing services to customers locally and abroad


To abide by TCR Arabia’s core principles on TRUST, COMPETENCE AND RELIABILITY and to provide our expertise in the field of Metallurgy, Material Testing, NDT, Inspection Services, Heat Treatment, Civil Laboratory Testing, Calibration Services and Microbiology Services to become a market leader.

Mission and Vision
Core Values and Culture

HSE Policy

TCR Health, Safety And Environmental Policy

TCR is committed to good Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) practices based on sound risk assessments and appropriate training. With its zero-tolerance approach towards HSE compliance, TCR has an exemplary track record since the inception of the company with the absence of any major lost-time arising out of health, safety, or environmental accidents. With its proactive risk aversion approach, TCR remains as the safest chain of commercial laboratories in the region. By setting high standards, TCR expects all its managers to be actively involved with respect to safety and protection of all stakeholders including its clients, visitors and contractors on company premises and the public at large. TCR ensures safety controls with procedures, records and maintenance contracts are in place to control safety including: - Fire Alarm and extinguishers maintenance contract - H2S Procedures - Training Records -  Injury Records - Control of flammable substances and acids

TCR is committed to conducting its activities as per following guidelines:

  • Each TCR location will comply with all applicable Safety, Health and Environment Regulations within the territory in which it operates

  • While the Directors and Management accept their responsibilities for Health and Safety at work, they expect all

employees to play their part and to fulfill their legal obligations under Health and Safety Legislation by taking reasonable care to avoid accidents to themselves and others and following company procedures. Full mutual cooperation will ensure common objectives are achieved

  • Every employee has the responsibility to maintain a safe working environment in which risks arising from the TCR’s working practices are identified and controlled. Any willful violation of safety policy will result in disciplinary action.

On-Site Safety Readiness

  • Each member of the site team working on a particular project will be briefed prior to his or her first visit to site on the safety hazards associated with site work.

  • A site visit can be organized by the company representative to discuss the

​     safety aspects with the site safety officer

  • In case a safety-training program is in existence on client site, staff will have to attend it mandatorily

  • The company representative carries out periodic site visits and regular safety reviews with site staff

  • TCR will supply all the required safety wear necessary to provide the required protection on-site, if the same is not provided by the client

TCR Environmental Protection Guidelines

As a responsible organization, TCR has over the years demonstrated a strong commitment towards environmental protection. Continuous improvement and sustainability have been the driving force of its environment policy. TCR acknowledges that its activities have an impact on the environment; therefore, it encourages all its employees to strictly comply with our internal policies by ensuring: 

  • Zero disposals of untreated chemicals or other substances down internal drains. It’s mandatory for all employees to check with their supervisor for the correct disposal procedure

  • Use of proper waste management system to ensure all classes of waste are disposed of in accordance with current legal requirements and local rules

  • Storage of all oils and chemicals including solvents and paints in designated bounded areas

  • Use of designated areas especially for Refueling site transport, compressors etc.

  • Special training for site emergency procedure for spillage or leakage for all the employees handling substances hazardous to the environment

  • Only authorized personnel are allowed to fill or drain bulk storage tanks

  • Mandatory reporting of all spillages/leakages and other incidents including breakdown or malfunction of any plant, equipment controlling discharge into the environment and other housekeeping activity at risk

Safety & Health Policy
Clients and Projects


TCR Arabia believes in establishing long-term, strategic relationships with fewer clients as opposed to short-term, opportunity-based relationships with many. In our constant endeavor to deliver superior value, right from our visual inspection down to each of our engagements, our focus remains on translating our clients’ QA vision into solid, measurable value. As a resultm we hold ourselves accountable for delivering quality results, all the way from the top down to each member of an engagement. We are also willing and interested in making mutual investments in key areas for our clients in order to deliver win-win outcomes for everyone. 

One of our major differentiators remains our ability and commitment to develop and sustain strong relationships at senior levels with our clients. The cornerstone of our partnership approach lies in our belief that in order for any partnership to succeed, both partners have to value and respect each other as equals. 


TCR Arabia greatly values the relationships that it has established with several customers in Saudi Arabia and is delighted to meet the technical needs of the client as well as meet the approval of inspection agencies such as Flour Daniel, Technicas, Foster Wheeler, Saudi Aramco and others. The current list of major projects completed by TCR Arabia in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes:

TCR Arabia works with industry leaders including SABIC, Saudi Aramco, TASNEE, Advanced, Marafiq, GE, SATORP, Saudia, Sipchem, S-Chem, Petro Rabigh, Farabi Petrochemicals, Chemanol, Ma'aden, Saudi Arabian Mining Company, Sinopec, Saipem, Daelim, Samsung C&T, Sadara, Tekfen Construction, Sahara Petrochemical,  Yanbu Cement Company, CAT International, Zamil Steel, Yasref, McDermott, Saudi Electricity Company and  Saline Water Conversion Company.


TCR works across all types of industries, with all kinds of clients. We start by asking the right questions to unearth the right solutions. Our unique approach ensures that we do not provide off the shelf solutions and our recommendations are highly customized. Our mission is to help management teams create such high levels of economic value that we are able to redefine their businesses.


TCR has worked with several industries and verticals that include Automotive, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Chemical Processing, Defense, Electronics, Nuclear Power, Capital Goods, and manufacturing industries with clients like Siemens, Schlumberger Oil Field Services, Indian Oil Corporation, Hyundai, Reliance Industries, Essar, Bharat Petroleum, Caterpillar USA, ONGC Iran, Ecolab Canada, Unilever among many others.

Management Team


TCR Arabia's management team has a stellar track record, with several years of material testing and inspection services experience and has worked primarily with large enterprises and global multi-nationals. Our engineers, chemists, metallurgists and technicians have the qualifications, the education and the experience to meet the most rigorous standards in the testing field, whether serving the private and public sector, government or the military. 


At TCR Arabia, we are dedicated to the belief that people are our most important asset. Whatever the nature of the challenge, whether meeting the quality assurance needs of our customers or the training needs of students, it is our passionate, committed and empowered people who ultimately make the difference. Trust is at the core of all ethical business dealings. Trust that others will do as they say and trust that we will live up to our commitments. One key to building trust is being transparent in the way we communicate with others, and by providing timely and accurate information. 

Virendra Bafna Founder TCR.jpeg

Virendra Kumar


Chairman Emeritus

Group TCR

chairman of the Board_edited.jpg

Abdul Rahman K.



TCR Arabia

Faisal K. Al-Dabal.jpg

Faisal K.



TCR Arabia


Neelam V.



TCR Arabia

Paresh U.


Director & Global Advisor

TCR Arabia

Image 52_edited.jpg

Aref K.


Managing Director

TCR Arabia


Country Manager

TCR Arabia


TCR Client Advantage

TCR believes that true success lies in empowering their clients for growth, where reports are more than just a report-they should deliver actionable insights, foresight to help navigate challenges and provide solutions to maximize performance. TCR strives to ensure that in all its services, responsiveness is fundamental, reliability and transparency are its strengths and repeatability is its reward.

TCR Arabia presents itself as an excellent resource for providing engineering consulting to meet the Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SWCC, SEC compliance standards.

COLLABORATION:  This is the bedrock for TCR’s service delivery approach. TCR aligns with clients, fostering engagements into long-term partnerships. No matter what the challenge is, TCR focuses on delivering practical, enduring results to equip their clients for growth


HIGHLY COMPETENT TEAMS: The quality of people is the cornerstone of TCR’s ability to address the needs of its clients. TCR makes tremendous investments in identifying highly talented people, developing their skills and building an environment that encourages their growth. TCR can assemble a team with the most appropriate expertise and experience


DEEP SECTORIAL EXPERTISE: TCR brings its experience gained over the last 40 years in the field of material testing, inspection and quality assurance with strong commitment and adherence to the ISO 17025 standards. The technical teams are highly experienced having conducted over 1500 failure analysis projects. TCR is on the approved list of SABIC, Tasnee, APPC, Schlumberger and Reliance for Failure Analysis Services. The company has access to Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDAX and Optical Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes


DIVERSIFIED PROBLEM SOLVING: TCR helps clients address their business complexities and deliver business value throughout the life cycle of any client initiative. This includes assessment, research, testing services, advisory capabilities, development and solution design, integration, deployment, inspection and support for long-term sustainability

Key highlights:

  1. TCR Arabia is registered with all major companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including Aramco, SABIC, SWCC and SEC.

  2. TCR brings its experience gained over the last 5 decades in the field of material testing, inspection and quality assurance to Saudi Arabia. TCR also brings its strong commitment and adherence to the ISO 17025 standards. All laboratory personnel at TCR Arabia have strong experience.

  3. Experienced by conducting over 2500+ failure analysis projects. TCR is on the approved list of Tasnee, APPC, Schlumberger and Reliance for Failure Analysis Services. The company has access to Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDAX and Optical Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes.

  4. Technical Training Courses conducted by TCR Arabia aims to provide in-depth knowledge and expertise to all plant operations and inspection personnel in Saudi Arabia. Experts teaching this class each have over 25 years of industry experience.

  5. Access to backend laboratory in India for in-depth chemical analysis using GDS, ICP, AAS and a complete wet chemistry laboratory.

  6. Use of Advanced NDT techniques including ToFD, Infrared Thermography, Eddy Current, Helium Leak Testing and more. Automated UT using ToFD is fast replacing Radiography as a preferred method for faster scanning of weld joints. TCR compliments this service with a range of conventional NDT services.

  7. Assisting RLA studies by conducting in-situ metallography (Metallographic Replication) by a talented and experienced team that has won praises from SABIC, APPC, Tasnee, Shell, Reliance, KOC and other large Oil and Gas Companies.

  8. Access to a pool of resource talents, ability to undertake faster mobilization and committed to work under good safety, health and environment principles.

  9. Customers all over the world use TCR’s services to dramatically improve and certify their products, validate material quality, ensure innovation in the marketplace, and to achieve significant competitive advantages. As a result, these companies are bringing the right products to market, at the right time, at the right cost.

TCR Arabia Client Advantage
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