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Visual Inspection

LED Strip Lights
Tube Lights
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Boroscopic Inspection

Video-Borescope inspection is used by TCR Arabia for visual inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means, or where accessibility may require by destructive, time-consuming and/or expensive dismounting activities.

Borescopes are mostly used in non-destructive testing techniques for recognizing defects or imperfections. Borescopes are commonly used in the visual inspection of piping/equipment in refinery’s and petrochemical plants, aircraft engines, aero-derivative industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines, and automotive and truck engines.


Gas and steam turbines require particular attention because of safety and maintenance requirements. Borescope inspection of engines can be used to prevent unnecessary maintenance, which can become extremely costly for large turbines. They are also used in the manufacturing of machined or cast parts to inspect critical interior surfaces for burrs, surface finish or complete through-holes. primitive rigid borescopes were used to examine the interior bores (hence "bore" scope) of large guns for defects.

TCR Arabia uses advanced Video borescope Olympus: the IPLEX LX / LT and GE XLG3 having 20-meter cable length with 3600 articulation capabilities and 6/8 mm diameter camera.


Robotic Crawler Video Inspection in Saudi Arabia

TCR Arabia performs Robotic Crawler Video to inspect the Underside of Fixed Roof & Roof Support Columns of a given above ground storage tank without Service Disruption (while the tank is in service).

Quik-Look™ is a compact, portable video camera inspection service used to determine the amount and distribution of the material in the tank as well as tank conditions such as corrosion and scaling. 

Quik-Look™ has pan, tilt and zoom capabilities and is installed thru the manway of AST fixed roof and held in the vapor space between the fixed roof and the product (or floating roof) to visually inspect every visible item above the product level (or floating roof).

Robotic Crawler
Boroscopic inspection

Submersible Robotic Inspection

Submersible Robotic Inspection Service is an advanced technique replacing the need for diver’s inspection eliminating the risk of diver and to provide accurate inspection of assets underwater up to a depth of 600 meters.

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  • Robotic technology - Stability assist sensors and HD video quality

  • Live streaming to a safe onshore location

  • No risk to human life

  • Unlimited Endurance

  • Cost Effective

  • Customizable

  • Portable



Maritime Industry – Ports, Terminals, Shipping


Infrastructure – Dams, Rails & Road Bridges


Energy – Oil & Gas, Power, Desalination, Petrochemical 

Corrosion Monitoring

HD live video streaming

SONAR/Bathymetric Surveys

Corrosion Monitoring.png
SONAR_Bathymetric Surveys.png

Spot Cleaning of Marine Growth

Spot Cleaning of Marine Growth.png

Turbid water inspection

Turbid water inspection.png

LASER aided defect quantification

LASER aided defect quantification.png
Submersible Robotic Inspection
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