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Know about TCR's wide range of services that include Testing, Inspection & Third Party Audits and Advisory.

Our service brochure exhaustively lists a wide range of offerings that include Testing, Inspection & Third Party Audits, Advisory, Training & Manpower services

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TCR has state of the art Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) attached with Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) system, which is a great diagnostic tool with many benefits. Learn More

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TCR seamlessly automates the entire process right from sample collection, test & specification management, machine performance analysis to result reporting. To know more, read this document

Learn about how the Internal Oxide Scale Measurement is used for Boiler Tubes

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The FFS projects of in-service components is a major tool for industries as it allows them to forecast impending degradation and provides them with lead time for budgetary and replacement planning. To know more, read our document

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Fitness for Service Assessment employs the use of quantitative engineering analysis to demonstrate and assess structural integrity of an in-service item. To know more, read our in-depth document

Know about the Microbiology Food Testing Parameters with this document