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Surendra Singh, Mechanical Laboratory Dept. Head
Mr. Singh has strong material testing laboratory experience. He is familiar with the metallurgy of carbon, alloy and stainless steels, superalloys, and with ASTM, ASME, API, IS and NACE material standards and specifications, and with both destructive and nondestructive test methodology. He has strong experience in evaluating properties of materials, materials characterization and behavior, materials specifications, mechanical testing, corrosion detection, machining of materials, and laboratory design and operation.

Mr. Singh has coordinated, planned and overseen internal test programs, and is accomplished as a customer liaison, program manager. He keeps himself abreast of all innovations in the sour gas corrosion field by reading scientific journals, industry specifications and participating in technical discussions. He also has extensive knowledge in physical and chemical testing, corrosion, failure analysis, materials selection, welding qualification and Metallography.

He leads a team that is adept at performing various corrosion including inter-granular corrosion attack, weight loss corrosion, pitting corrosion, Sour gas corrosion tests such as sulfide stress cracking (SSCC), salt spray, stress corrosion cracking, and hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC) for oil and gas, power, construction, shipping, petrochemical and process industries.

Mr. Singh is "Hands-on" in the laboratory and performs material testing, analysis and results interpretation of numerous samples analyzed through the laboratory including mechanical, chemical, metallography and corrosion. He is part of the investigative team that performs failure and root cause analysis of failed components.

He performs and assists in routine metallurgy, including micro preparation, etching, phase counting, grain size measurement, micro structural assessment etc. He administers the mechanical test laboratory when team members are conducting tests such as Tensile, Charpy Impact, Sour Gas corrosion testing including HIC and SSCC, and Microstructure Analysis.

He interfaces with the machining department to ensure that samples are prepared as per the ASTM, AWS, API, ASME, NACE, BS, ISO or client-specified standards. Mr. Singh reviews, recommends and implements new and enhanced testing equipment or protocols. He has the unique ability to research and analyze information of considerable difficulty and draw valid conclusions. He has a strong understanding of QA principals (NABL and ISO/IEC 17025) and good inter-personal skill.

Mr. Singh is skilled in mentoring, supervising, evaluating, training and motivating employees. He provides guidance and counsel to fellow team members and is capable of cross-training department personnel to perform job functions in various testing areas.

Interface with customers and vendors in technical issues related to materials and special processes. Assist the customer relations team and help resolve issues in a timely and effective manner. Contributes to the improvement of metallurgical testing department by advising on new test equipments and latest innovative procedures.

Mr. Singh is well experienced in the Microstructure Characterizer Software, which has been developed internally at TCR, for grain size measurement, volume fraction, nodularity assessment, case depth measurement. Mr. Kapse has deep rooted understanding in metallurgy including micro preparation, etching techniques, phase counting, and microstructure assessment etc.

Mr. Singh has completed Masters in Technology in Corrosion Science and Engineering at IIT Mumbai and B.E in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal Karnataka. Mr. Singh has extensive knowledge in aqueous corrosion, high temperature corrosion, cathodic protection, fracture and failure analysis, physical and mechanical metallurgy, welding science and protective coating.

Mr. Singh has performed various experiments using slow strain rate test, constant load test, electrochemical potentiostat and polarization test, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen induced cracking, salt spray test and oxalic acid etch test. His M. Tech thesis entitled “Stress Corrosion Cracking in Commercial Grade Martensitic Stainless Steel” was supervised by Prof. V.S. Raja of IIT Mumbai.

Mr. Singh has specific experience in application of XRD, E-DAX, SEM, Optical Metallography and Electro-Chemical Potentiostat and polarization technique.

Mr. Singh is an active member in professional organization of Society of Surface and Protective Coating (SSPC) India Chapter.

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